Reel Testimony "Comments that Connect"

We Live In A Visual World.  Showing Your Clients Your Vision Digitally Is What We Do Providing Relevant, Cost-Effective And High Quality Video and Photographic Content For Your Website And Social Media Sites.


The Reel Testimony is a short video testimony from your clients speaking on behalf of your business or organization. Interviews can be scheduled, or held spontaneously during your company’s events, such as trade shows, grand openings, product release, or customer appreciation events. Reel Testimonies let you share what you do, and who you are. These interviews allow your customers to share their experience with other potential customers. After you have reviewed and approved the videos, you are sent a link that is easily posted on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and all other sites. Yes, your own social media commercial!

Scope of Work

Produce videos with one person speaking per video. The individual video will be between 30 sec. - 2 minutes in length. B-Roll is optional when it applies. On the initial recording, the minimum is five videos. After the five minimum within your calendar year, we will come and record on an as needed basis, with no minimum required. Volume discount available.

After you approve the video we will send you a Video link. You can embed the link, or you can download the video and provide your own player.